Israel in a day – Chapter 1

By Israel private, guide Moti Barness

Israel is a small country, only 100 km (60 Miles) wide and 450 km (300 miles) long 20,000 km² (8,000 sq miles), but we have 36 geographical zones and history that can cover a continent.

The big question when you want to understand Israel is WHY???
The answer is very simple “Location! Location! Location!”

In the end of this 1-day tour, you will get many answers and much better understanding about Israel and its people.

Are you ready! To drive across Israel from west to east 100 km, learn about the 3 monotheistic religions, 5 geographical zones, 6 thousands years of history and the miracle call Israel.

7am pick up from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a name of a book written by the founder of the Zionist movement Theodore Herzl immediately after his short visit to Palestine 1898, and it describe how Palestine that he saw – barren land turn to the land of milk and honey.
Unfortunately Herzl die very young, 44 yo 1904 and he saw nothing from his dream came true, but today Israel is a living evidence that Herzel can be consider as a modern prophet similar to Moses!

Shortstop at the Hall of independence in Tel Aviv where we see the birthplace of the State of Israel.

On our drive on HWY 1, I’ll continue the story of Zionism, Baron De Rothschild, Balfour declaration, 1st WW, League of Nation resolution,

Drive quickly through the hall of Independence where Ben Gurion did the declaration of independence then along the beautiful promenade to old Jaffa and to HWY 1.

Quick stop at Latrun on the Valley of Ayalon. This central valley was a battle place since thousands of years ago. Learn about Israel War of Independence and the bitter lost at Latrun.

Jeeping a section of Burma Road

Mt. of Olives observation

Judean desert , St . George observation, Jericho, Baptismal site, quick deep in the Dead Sea , Kalya Beach – return to Jerusaelm .

Back to Jerusalem we’ll visit the 4 quarters – Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and Christian and see the Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock walk in the Via Dolorosa to the Holy Sepulcher just before its closing time.

Mission accomplished if you are hungry we can stop to eat Shish kebab at the very famous restaurants of Abu Gosh.

Very long day, very intensive, but possible, with a very special touring mode “attack and assault” by Moti Barness private tour guide for Israel.